Dashboard UI Kit (Free Sample)

Jan Losert
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This is a Free Sample version of Dashboard UI Kit. Enter $0 to download this package.

Full Preview: https://janlosert.com/dashboard-ui-kit-2017

Get Full Version: https://gum.co/dashboarduikit

Product Overview

[Update 1.5 23rd January 2017] - 36 New files and a whole new package called Workspace

Biggest pack focusing on designs of Dashboard User Interfaces & Web Applications to help you quickly prototype and design beautiful interfaces your clients and users will adore. 76 Screens with all various layouts. All packed with 2 Typeface versions - with Free Google Font Source Sans Pro & secondary Proxima Nova. Everything is based on 1170px Grid system (30px & 1580px canvas width).

2017 Update as well brings the design of a conceptual app for freelancers called Workspace. This time with all connected screens to give you another guide for your new dashboard visual language. See full prototype here: https://marvelapp.com/project/1676482/ - All Workspace screens also come in both White and Black versions. And lastly but also mainly this update gives you by your hand one of the biggest elements pack full of all possible states or every possible form/table elements you can ever think of.

Free Sample includes

  • 3 Screens in 2 Typeface versions (Proxima Nova + Source Sans Pro)
  • 1 Dark UI Pop Up
  • 7 Widgets UI Kit
  • Inputs - as a teaser part of one of the biggest elements UI Kit with all states of Inputs, Buttons, Selects, Dropdowns and more and more.

👋  If you have any questions about what's included reach out to me before purchasing at: me@janlosert.com


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Dashboard UI Kit (Free Sample)

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