Cards — Webflow UI Kit (.sketch file)

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Sketch file with all cards from my free product Cards - Webflow UI Kit. 

What is Cards - Webflow UI Kit

A few days ago Webflow introduced a feature that allows users to copy a paste whole pages or just .divs between projects on the platform. So I decided to create my first web-based UI Kit. All coded up nicely in Webflow Designer. Feel free to just copy and paste any of the cards or all of them to your new or already finished project.

What’s inside the .sketch file

  • 2 Hero Cards
  • 6 Small Article Cards
  • 8 Article Detail Designs
  • 3 Profiles
  • 1 Sign Up Dialog
  • 4 Product Cards
  • 4 Gradient Number Cards
  • Minimized File (From 330+MB to 36MB for quicker download)
  • All Images are from Unsplash

Get the real Product (Free)

Be sure to check the full Webflow clonable product -

and if you want to know more about the full landing page with all details –


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Cards — Webflow UI Kit (.sketch file)

9 ratings
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